Create jobs in rural and suburban communities

That is the mission from 3 former Googlers with their start up called MainStreet

“We believe that all communities should have access to great jobs. Companies are more ready than ever to utilize distributed workforces, and this is creating opportunities for workers everywhere to be part of the digital economy.

The problem? Distributed work can be tough. Being a remote employee can leave you feeling isolated and cut off from your colleagues and other people. This is where MainStreet comes in.

MainStreet provides the community, communication, and career tools you need to be happy and successful as a remote employee.

Whether you have a remote-friendly job already or are looking to take on a new role in a new city, MainStreet can help.

Join us and be part of the next revolution in work”

They will pay you $10,000 to leave the bay area.

Here how it works.


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