IBD Stock Screener

I was going through my weekend routine yesterday which involves reviewing the IBD Big Picture for the end of week & the weekends IBD 50.

On one of the pages there was reference to the new IBD Stock Screener, something I have never heard of but it sounded good.

And it was, & it is.

In the above image I have it open with the IBD 50 stocks, you can filter & screen on the various IBD ratings as you would expect, going by its name.

You can also space bar each stock & in the right hand column you get a chart & an overview for that stock, as below:

Chart, IBDs proprietary ratings, small write up on any setup, this tool make it a breeze to quickly review the IBD 50, IBD Large Caps etc & add any interesting stocks setting up to your watchlist.

I have been quite critical of IBDs poor and what sometimes seems almost amateur technology implementations but on first take, this looks like a great addition to the toolkit.


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