We were recently contacted by the local waterboard saying that we need to connect to a new water main as our current piping was approx 100 years old & with age leaking, quite badly.

To make this happen we would need to run a pipe from the house, about 15 metres under the patio out to the main water main. The thought of digging up all the patio to make this happen seemed like a lot of work, a lot of mess & a lot of disruption.

Moling to the rescue. I had never heard of it before but with a mole machine, they can bore down into the ground by the main water main, bore underneath the patio & come up by the house, all within a day.

To complete the whole job they only had to remove two patio tiles, once finished they put them back & left it like nothing ever happened.

The company we employed to do this were:

If you need a top job doing, I highly recommend Dave & the guys at Wentworth Moling.


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