Mobile extremes

This morning on the early BBC news I caught the tail end of the technology presenter trying out the re launched Samsung Galaxy Fold, which goes on sale in South Korea today & in the UK on the 18th September.

I was in the other room but from what I could hear, he was loving it, although I missed any talk about the £1800 price tag.

I’m really not sure where the market fit is at that price point, & after the cool factor wears off?

At the other end of the spectrum you have the people at Light Phone who are removing tech, taking us back to the days where we used phones for calling people or sending SMS’s.

They are trying to address & remove the addictive side of our smart phones by focusing on just the basics.

Here, the product & market fit are quite clear.

The Light Phone 2 retails at $350.

In a two horse race, I’d be backing the latter of the two.


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