Vodafone DNS debacle

My partner told me last night that one of her colleagues has had to leave Vodafone Broadband. Shes not technical but basically felt the service kept dropping, couldn’t get to certain websites, Netflix would keep dropping out & so on.

When we first got Vodafone Broadband, maybe 9 months ago, I couldn’t believe how unstable it was, experiencing exactly the same issues as above, some websites would load others wouldn’t, all very intermittent.

So I couldn’t quite believe that in the last 9 months they still haven’t resolved their basic DNS issues, people are experiencing exactly the same issue 9+ months on !


Vodafone, if you can’t solve it, pass your DNS requests to a third party until you can, its absurd.

Fortunately for us individuals, we can solve it ourselves, as soon as I pointed our router to use Google DNS servers, all has been good ever since.

So if you are experiencing the above, log on to your router & point you DNS away from Vodafone and to Googles DNS servers:

Google Public DNS IP addresses

The Google Public DNS IP addresses (IPv4) are as follows:



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