Storm chasing

I have always been fascinated by the idea of Storm chasing, exhillerating and very scary I imagine. I actively looked at doing an organised trip 8 or so years ago, I can’t remember why I never went through with it now, probably a combination of time & money.

The Mid West in the US is one of the best places in the world, if not the best, hence why they have an area nicknamed Tornado Alley.

I read this article about Ty Schmitt, a photographer with a passion for storm chasing.

“Most people don’t realize that it can sometimes take upwards of 100,000 miles of chasing before you finally come across a storm that has perfect structure, awesome lighting, and produces a tornado,” Schmitt says.

Check out his stunning storm-chasing video below, which was filmed across 30,000 miles in 3 months.

Based on the above, I think to do a storm chasing holiday justice, you can’t have a fixed end date.

A journey, not a destination.


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