Skills shortage, its real

Technology & innovation is moving at breakneck pace.

In the next 15 – 20 years the big banks we have associated with our high streets all our lives probably won’t exist anymore, FinTech & crypto are coming for them in a big way. Our children will probably look back & think our banking systems we’re legalised robbery, thats certainly the way FinTech is making them appear, & right on many accounts.

The big incumbents across all industries are coming under fire from start ups, generally leaner, meaner, quicker and more importantly relevant with todays younger generations.

I’ve been working in IT all my life, it feels like you used to be able to get good people to do a good job fairly routinely. Nowadays its very hard to get good people, CVs look amazing, reality is often a million miles away from the CV submitted.

It feels like lying on CVs nowadays is standard procedure & acceptable, in IT at least. Its very hard to recruit competent people in the current landscape, whats changed ?

  • Really, really good IT people will generally be too constrained in a your traditional company, so much red tape to do basic things. (Governance is key to any business so not saying a bad thing, move fast & break things has lead to numerous issues with Facebook, although they are still at near all time highs, so right or wrong?)
  • So many options for good IT people
    • Setup on their own (compute is cheap, nearly free in todays world, doesn’t cost a lot to keep trying stuff until something sticks)
    • Gig economy, if you dont have any debt / commitments I’m confident competent IT people could generate enough $$ fairly easily to live on. (With not too much effort I ran a website which generated 100$ a day in advertising revenue for 4 years+)
    • Start ups are every where, doing cool stuff, disrupting the norm, letting employees free to create & innovate, no shackles, limitless opportunity.
  • People (obviously not all) don’t seem to want to work nowadays, they can take it or leave it, not like how it used to be when a job was everything.

This post has gone differently to how I planned it in my head but the general idea is there, I’ve got to cut it short as got to get to Lingfield for the races & haven’t run my data yet for todays racing.

In short, if you’ve got good IT people you need to keep them, because they are a rare commodity, getting rarer by the day.


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