Software IS hardware

It doesn’t matter what hardware you have or you are using, its irrelevant without good software sitting on top of it, its just a dumb piece of metal or plastic.

Software is eating the world has been coined by a few, but it actually is.

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS are the common ones in the cloud world.

You also have CaaS (Container as a Service or Country as a Service), LaaS (Location as a Service), RaaS (Ransomware as a Service), EaaS (Encryption as a Service) to name a few.

The ‘as a service’ options are almost infinite in todays world with the advance of software & innovation.

Apple reported their numbers last night, no real surprise iPhone sales again fell, but revenue from services increased, double digit.

There is no doubt in the early days, the iPhone, Jony Ive’s slick & sleek designs we’re a big driver in sales. In this department arguably Apple are still the best, but they did set the standard every other manufacturer had to follow to stay in business.

Now the top manufacturers are all there or there abouts, people aren’t really bothered so much about what they are carrying around in their pocket, its more about what it can do for them.

Apple’s move from hardware to software services will be a massive task for such a massive company, but its one, the numbers suggest, they are executing well so far.

$AAPL up approx 4% in after hours trading.


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