Rent your yard

A housing shortage is a problem in the UK, and it definitely is in some parts of the US, especially in locations when Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon etc exist.

When the tech giants come to town they have a big influence on the dynamic of that location and surrounding area, typically a lot more people to be supported with the same infrastructure pre influx.

A start up in the US is encouraging you to literally ‘rent your backyard’.

Rent the backyard is trying to solve this very real problem, people living in San Francisco (at the moment) can get ‘Rent the backyard’ to build a studio apartment in their backyard, then market it for you & split the profits.

Each studio has all the amenities you would expect from a studio apartment – a bed, a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower.

The company takes money from your rental income monthly to pay for the studio they have supplied and built for you.

Not sure this would be be allowed in the UK, yet. But we should be watching to see how this could solve the very real problem of people having a place to live.


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