Brews & canoes

Just had a great weekend as per the title of the post you probably get the jist.

Friday night we went to Saddlers Brew House in Lye, West Midlands. Great beers, amazing food & a secret room.

Meat feast at Saddlers brewhouse
And the secret door leading to the secret bar

Then on Saturday we paddled down the river Severn in kayaks.

We used, which basically do all the hard work for you. They pick you up, take you to where you want to start along with all equipment required and provide the all important safety briefing.

Then give them a call when your ready to be picked up with your location and they come and pick you up & take all the equipment away and drop you off back home.

For £25 a person with everything included was well worth it & a great little business for the owner. Can’t remember his name but was a top guy and all the best in the future with the business.

The first group in


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