How do you know when you are paying for something using Stripe?

Something like the above, simplicity.

I enter my card number, expiry date & CVC code, click once and payment is done, pretty frictionless.

Making online purchases ‘frictonless’ is a big deal.

Look at Amazon, they already have all your details so you can go through the whole purchase end to end with a couple of clicks, no keyboard required. Its so easy to buy on Amazon, combine that with Prime, you can see why many people use it as a their PSE (Product Search Engine).

If you are purchasing from someone who doesn’t have your details associated with an account, Stripe is the next best thing IMO, a few key strokes & a single click and the purchase is made, good for the customer & great for the vendor.

AVS (Address Verification Service) as I understand it offers only marginal improvements in fraud protection and has many flaws, there is a trade off, but for me the reward far outweighs the risk.


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