I was reading a post on my sisters blog the other day about how to reduce plastic use which got me thinking.

I always try to use local stores & farm shops, if we stop using them they will disappear, and their produce normally tastes better, a lot better than the supermarket stuff.

However I am still surprised by how many of these local farm shops still use plastic bags & plastic punnets. I can understand with the supermarkets it will probably take years to get them out of the supply chain, there will be millions sitting in warehouses around the world, already produced waiting to be used the various supermarkets that pre ordered them.

However you would think small farm shops within a month or so should be able to be almost plastic free, I don’t understand why so many aren’t?

Anyway if you want ideas on reducing plastic use read her blog post. She has been blogging for years on eco & ethical living @ and for reusable produce bags check out my cousins recycling & upcycling store HandMadeTales.


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