“The productivity pit: how Slack is ruining work

Job software like Teams, Slack, and Workplace were supposed to make us more productive. They haven’t.”

A thought provoking article in on how workplace software is making us less productive, it got me thinking, but the same applies to anything, you can provide the tools, but people choose how to use them. You can read it here

Initial thoughts:

  • User adoption & governance should be some of the highest prioritized deliverables in any technology roll out. You can’t just throw this stuff out & expect the magic to happen (a lot of companies do bizarrely)
  • Microsoft we’re quoted numerous times with related stats. I was recently at Microsoft HQ in the UK and quizzed one of their collaboration guys about their usage of Teams. He said he only checks his email twice a day, & will only send a couple of emails on any typical day, all his ‘important stuff’ is done in Teams. He also said they are not forced to be members of any Team, they choose what teams the join & which they leave.
  • If you read or listen to any successful tech founder in recent years, 9 out of 10 will say Slack was an integral tool that helped their company become a success. The glue that stuck the workforce & the projects together.
  • Context, without context anything can be used in a good way, a bad way, a productive way & an unproductive way.


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