Ouch that Hertz

When Hertz reached out to supposedly ‘one of the best’ for a new web application redesign, they thought by paying top dollar they would sail smoothly off in to the world of web 3.0.

Unfortunately this was not the case & now Hertz are trying to recover all their costs plus damages in what appears to be a high profile best of bodges.

Some highlights of the complete disaster as reported by the register :

“Accenture didn’t incorporate a responsive design, in which webpages automatically resize to accommodate the visitor’s screen size whether they are using a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. That has been standard website practice for years and was even included in the contract that was signed, but the boffins at Accenture decided that only desktop and mobile versions were needed, according to Hertz.”

Obviously we don’t know the detail but in todays world you would have to go out of your way not to deliver responsive web design, any relatively modern library, framework would deliver this as standard.

“The specs called for a common core of libraries to be “a fundamental principle of the design” so that the company could share information and structures across all its companies’ websites and apps. And Accenture, well, completely ignored that, according to Hertz.”

In today’s world with on prem, private cloud & public cloud, connectivity is key and as highlighted above, should be a fundamental principle of any application design.

“What’s more, Hertz reckoned the code that had been written was terrible and a security nightmare waiting to happen.”

This list goes on & you can read the full article here

Its a common practice in these large consultancy firms that you are actually paying for a project team of freelancers that they have recruited specifically for the new contract they have won. In this case it sounds like the whole project got outsourced to a different company as you would not expect Accenture to allow cock up after cock up and not get the issues addressed or contract terminated before it got this far.

A strange one to say the least, and probably not par for the course looking at $ACN trending share price


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