No cash

This morning at the golf club there were these signs everywhere.

The golf club have stopped accepting cash for anything. Apparently a spate of robberies and staff getting threatened made them go cashless.

The amount of times a homeless person has asked me for some change and I reach into my pocket and realise I have no cash, I pay for everything on my Amex, very rarely have or use cash for anything anymore.

I often think what impact the cashless society has on the homeless. It not only affects the homeless, I read pickpockets could clear 12k a month in the 80’s & 90’s.

Today pickpockets are on the rise again, everyones distracted by their phones so it’s getting easier, but the process has an extra step, they have to steal phones and bank cards first and then convert those into cash.

For the homeless I hope they can soon be equipped with digital wallets so they can also participate in the cashless society.


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