“The productivity pit: how Slack is ruining work Job software like Teams, Slack, and Workplace were supposed to make us more productive. They haven’t.” A thought provoking article in on how workplace software is making us less productive, it got me thinking, but the same applies to anything, you can provide the tools, but…

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I had a dream

On Wednesday when I woke up, I knew I had been dreaming but couldn’t remember what about, although I remember a name kept cropping up in my dream. The name was Kokrak, I knew I recognized it, but couldn’t think from where. Later that day I got an email from a golf tipster, he had…

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Ouch that Hertz

When Hertz reached out to supposedly ‘one of the best’ for a new web application redesign, they thought by paying top dollar they would sail smoothly off in to the world of web 3.0. Unfortunately this was not the case & now Hertz are trying to recover all their costs plus damages in what appears…

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Uber Eats McDonalds

Uber is filed to IPO in May. Uber Eats has expanded to 13%+ of Uber’s net revenues In 2018 as much of 10% of McDonald’s franchisee’s sales came through third party delivery companies McDonalds foot revenues are falling McDonalds spends $300 million on acquiring an AI company More than 60% of McDonalds revenue come from…

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A marketplace where you can purchase digital art on the blockchain. “It’s this creator-first approach that has allowed us to introduce and onboard hundreds of digital creators onto the blockchain over the last months. Many who have never heard of or care to understand the details of blockchain technology, but simply wish for a better…

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Slack filed for its IPO yesterday. Currently losing around 140 million but you can’t value these companies using traditional valuation methods.

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I had a dental appointment today for a check up. Whilst sat in the chair I thought why did I have to travel here? Why am I sat in a dental chair? Why has it just cost me £40 for 3 minutes effort? Surely a combination of my iPhone & cognitive services I can do…

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