Unbanked opportunity

“With Citibank as a guide, Digital Wallets could generate tens of billion dollars in market cap by offering basic checking account services profitably to the unbanked.” “Enabled by low customer acquisition costs, Digital Wallets should be able to serve the unbanked. With 15 million monthly active users Square’s (SQ) Cash App already is leading the…

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Beyond the chicken

Beyond Meat $BYND released their first earnings report yesterday, today pre market they are trading at $125 (+25.63%). ” Wall Street expected the company — which makes plant-based burgers and sausages that try to match the taste and texture of the real thing — to report a loss of 14 cents per share on revenue…

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We’re in the money

I got reminded about this yesterday, this is Sainsbury’s boss Mike Coupe waiting to be interviewed on live television about the proposed Asda Sainsbury’s £10bn merger. Last month the proposal got put on ice for at least 10 years by regulators putting pressure on Mr Coupe’s role as Chief Exec.

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Sharepoint dates and Javascript

If you’ve ever worked with JS and Sharepoint date fields you will know the problem, if you haven’t I’l try and save you some time. Javascript typically see’s how Sharepoint stores its dates as invalid, and reformatting the date in JS to some usable format tends to require too many lines of code and various…

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Rat poison

Thats one of the many lines Buffett has used to describe cryptocurrency in the past, it will be interesting if & how his view changes after this years annual charity dinner with Justin Sun (Tron ICO & CEO of BitTorrent) & seven other crypto experts.

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