Sharepoint Online & modern search

In classic Sharepoint we have the ability to create very customised & tailored search experinces to address specific use cases. In modern Sharepoint the search service is provided to us as-is from Microsoft. If you are frustrated by this, good news maybe on the horzion as Bill Baer has just announced this at MS Ignite:…

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Not the best conditions playing golf with my dad this morning, but as he said “There’s plenty of people in the graveyard that would love to be playing golf in these conditions” And he’s certainly right.

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Its official

Crocs are cool. We are in the middle of earnings season in the US, yesterday Apple & Facebook were some of the big names reporting (and beating). $CROX also reported (I blogged about their chart a few days ago here), they posted their highest-ever third quarter revenue, citing a another strong back to school season.…

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The meteoric rise of Ecommerce over the last 10 years has resulted in the streets of Manhattan hitting breaking point. More than 1.5 million packages a day are delivered to to the streets of New York City, thats a lot of daily packages for a population of less than 9 million. With NYC’s population shrinking…

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IBD Stock Screener

I was going through my weekend routine yesterday which involves reviewing the IBD Big Picture for the end of week & the weekends IBD 50. On one of the pages there was reference to the new IBD Stock Screener, something I have never heard of but it sounded good. And it was, & it is.…

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Crowdsourced hedge fund

Reading Exponential View this morning there is an interesting article about Numerai, a crowdsourced hedge fund made up of a network of data scientists around the world, combining their models to create a meta model.

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