Green keepers

Haven’t played golf for about a week as it’s rained everyday, figured the conditions would be pretty grim. However decided to give it a go today, in between rain showers The state of the course is amazing, you would never know it’s rained everyday for the last 7. I don’t know how they do it…

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Book the bar

Open concept is trying to shake up the bar industry, instead of buying drinks at the bar, you book a slot at the bar and pay per hour, drinks included. For this to work I think you need to be a bar as opposed to a boozer, 10 bucks an hour in a boozer will…

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1636 km

Whilst running this morning I wondered how far I had run in total, well since I downloaded Runtastic and started tracking it. I dont class myself as a runner but try to go 3 or 4 times a week, I was suprised when my app had recorded 1636 km of runs. It feels nowhere near…

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Checking my junk mail folder this morning, one of the emails in there went like this: “This is crazy… I just read that accidental drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in America. (And half of those deaths are from prescription drugs!) This means that your doctor could be prescribing addictive drugs…

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Drone airline

Yesterday UPS got approval to become a fully fledged drone airline, well almost. United Parcel Service Inc. said Tuesday that its drone subsidiary was awarded an airline certificate last week by the Federal Aviation Administration. It seems they see UPS as a safe pair of hands to work with, to potentially pave the way to…

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Recently I have posted a couple of times about McDonalds’s technology acquisitions, transitioning it in to a technology company. Steve Easterbrook is the man at the helm re inventing McDonalds to eat into its competitors as opposed to getting eaten. There was a Bloomberg article posted a week or so ago about how he is…

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Steady 9 holes early this morning on the local par 3, nice way to start the day, & week. Missed a few birdie opportunities. Fine margins.

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