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Toyota is the god father of lean manufacturing, for problem solving on the production line they introduced the five why’s. For example: As always, it’s the simple things,

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Beautiful country, so hot but very green, presume they must have a rainy season which keeps all the trees and plants fresh and colourful.

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What is Web 3.0

Interesting 30 min talk from Juan Benet, founder and CEO of Protocol Labs, developer of the IPFS and Filecoin protocols, about what Web 3.0 is & where its going. Web 1.0 – Read only, Static Web 2.0 – Read/Write, Interactive Web 3.0 – Read/Write, Trust, Verifiable A couple of my favorite quotes: “With each new…

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PaddyPower are one of worst bookies when it comes to winning, win a few hundred quid a few times over a couple of weeks and your account will get limited. Betfair and Paddy merged a few years ago and the Paddy Power rot it seems spreading.

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Solid gold

Just reading the daily rip, Stocktwits daily newsletter, as they say, you learn something new everyday. Space Rocks vs. Bitcoin A recent NASA story has reignited the classic Bitcoin question – just what are bitcoins underlying fundamentals? The comparison to gold is how most people respond, but did most people know there was a solid…

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Tonight at 20:00, the Lionesses are playing their world cup semi final against the tournament favorites, the USA. Looking at the odds on Betfair, USA are strong favorites to win the whole thing: I havn’t really watched much of the tournament but I will make the time to watch tonight’s, English football seems to have…

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Went to see Rob Gilbert last night, very funny, I feel like I need to meet John. Who would have thought a very good comedian suffers with lack of confidence & being shy, no matter what we see, everyone’s going through something. He was so open & honest about everything he’s going through, making a…

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