Happy to see Tiger Roll win the Grand National, his stats are impressive, I just couldn’t back a horse in the national at odds that short which is why I looked elsewhere. Joined the local tennis club this week, when I was at school the tennis club was a big part of me & my…

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The Grand National

Always have a few fun bets on this as a lot of us do. I have gone for Ramses De Teillee & Step Back. For those who haven’t placed a bet yet Peter Webb over at Betangel has a look at the data in this blogpost. Il be watching it down the local, enjoy!

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Apples new advert called underdogs, shows off Apple products and how they are used both at work & at home by a team to come up with a new innovative ground breaking product, the round pizza box. Apple do actually own the patent for this, they are used for desk side pizza orders. Check it…

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Down the pub

Here in the UK pubs are closing down at an alarming rate, a quick Google search gives you an idea of how quickly this is happening Its not just in the UK, my favourite dive bars in NYC have been closing down also. Why is this happening? There are many reasons talked about, from business…

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The manual thing

In a previous post I talked about how I was consumed pretty much all weekend by sports trading & how I now have it fully automated so it only takes me a few minutes to set & forget. I realised shortly after writing the post thats not entirely true, my trading is automated but my…

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Skills shortage part 2

I woke up this morning with this timely article in my inbox, follows on nicely from my post a few days ago: “Pity the bankers! They can’t find good data scientists. Dice estimates that 80 percent of PhD-level AI talent works at Google or Facebook.”

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Heavy nights & automation

Had a heavy night last night, went out for a few drinks after work & a few turned into a lot, as they always tend to. Didn’t make it to the golf course so logging last nights sports trades, slowly. I love trading, financial markets or sports markets, as long as they’re liquid they are…

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Skills shortage

Engineers are the most in-demand professionals in the US, this means hiring & then retaining is a headache for a lot of companies. According to Glassdoor, 50% of software developers plan on switching jobs in the next 12 months. Top quality engineers have the luxury of picking only the best companies to work for, your…

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