Heavy nights & automation

Had a heavy night last night, went out for a few drinks after work & a few turned into a lot, as they always tend to. Didn’t make it to the golf course so logging last nights sports trades, slowly. I love trading, financial markets or sports markets, as long as they’re liquid they are…

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Skills shortage

Engineers are the most in-demand professionals in the US, this means hiring & then retaining is a headache for a lot of companies. According to Glassdoor, 50% of software developers plan on switching jobs in the next 12 months. Top quality engineers have the luxury of picking only the best companies to work for, your…

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Waking up

Not sure how but I stumbled across the name Sam Harris, must have been either in my Twitter feed or a newsletter I have subscribed to. I tend to wake up early, work out, cold shower & then do 10 mins meditation using the Headspace app. Its a good routine & sets me up for…

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On a Monday I like to get other peoples views on the markets and any new potential trade ideas. For this I watch Marketsmith’s Take on the market & Ivan Hoff and Howard Lindzons Momentum Mondays I find watching these each week along with my own weekend analysis sets me up nicely for the week…

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Sunday morning weekly review

Sunday mornings are the time I review the weeks action in the markets & plan for the upcoming week. Doing my work at the weekend means I remove myself from the emotion of trying to make rational decisions whilst in the heat of the battle when the markets are open. I place alerts on any…

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Lets get started

My original petestilgoe.com blog was 12 years old, check it out on Wayback Machine here A lot has changed, time for something new…   “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walton

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