Where AI meets fashion

I was aware of the company Stitchfix from my trading, within the first 10 months it when from $14 to around $52, its now found its range in and around the $20 mark. I received this email from them today: Hello, Thank you so much for your excitement and your patience. We wanted you to…

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The worlds most valuable company

Sometimes its Amazon, sometimes its Apple, maybe Google soon, but currently the worlds most valuable company is Microsoft. How did Microsoft go from an old dinosaur, (who rested on their laurels with their Windows OS & MS Office domination) to a one trillion dollar company? In the last quarter their three main revenue areas contributed…

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Surfs up ace

My cousin is riding high, he has teamed up with radio Newquay to provide daily surf reports for Newquay & the surrounding areas. Check out his personalised surf report service over at LateDrop.co.uk

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Next crypto wave

Fidelity are going to start buying & selling digital assets for their institutional customers within the next few weeks. Fidelity recently surveyed their institutional investors about their crypto intentions: 47% think digital assets are worthwhile investment 22% already have some exposure to digital assets 72% prefer to buy investment products that hold crypto assets 57%…

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“The productivity pit: how Slack is ruining work Job software like Teams, Slack, and Workplace were supposed to make us more productive. They haven’t.” A thought provoking article in Vox.com on how workplace software is making us less productive, it got me thinking, but the same applies to anything, you can provide the tools, but…

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I had a dream

On Wednesday when I woke up, I knew I had been dreaming but couldn’t remember what about, although I remember a name kept cropping up in my dream. The name was Kokrak, I knew I recognized it, but couldn’t think from where. Later that day I got an email from a golf tipster, he had…

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Ouch that Hertz

When Hertz reached out to supposedly ‘one of the best’ for a new web application redesign, they thought by paying top dollar they would sail smoothly off in to the world of web 3.0. Unfortunately this was not the case & now Hertz are trying to recover all their costs plus damages in what appears…

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