Elon no limits

Elon Musk knows no limits, he’s been defying his critics with Tesla pretty much forever. Last week it was reported the model 3 was is the best selling luxury car in the US. This week its been confirmed that Tesla will be opening China’s first fully foreign-owned car plant. It seems China are welcoming Tesla…

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Palladium update

Following on from my post in mid September about starting a long position in Palladium (Post here). You can see above, so far it has been a textbook breakout. I have no clue why, but I dont need to know, the chart gives you all the information you need. Simply, in the current market there…

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Biggest fraud on the LSE

Had trouble sleeping last night and was awake for hours with an overactive mind. For some reason Langbar came into my head, Langbar was the biggest fraud on the London Stock Exchange, and a younger me was caught up in the middle of it. “Langbar International: the greatest stock market heist of all? No gun…

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Agile gets practiced in many forms and guises Your implementation of Agile should be a form what works for you, your team & what you are trying to deliver, in the timeframe you are delivering in. A primer on moving fast.

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Tesla model

The best selling luxury car in the US. https://cleantechnica.com/2019/10/07/tesla-model-3-24-of-small-midsize-luxury-car-sales-in-usa/

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