Never miss a checkup

I made a post last year about my dental visit Is there a need for 80% of checkups to be done in person with todays tech? Yesterday I heard about a new app called Pearlii How it works: Upload photos of your mouth & teeth from your phone They use Artifical Intelligence to…

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Old to new

Yesterday will go down in history. The May crude oil contracts traded below 0$ and closed negative around -37$. 37, not 3.7. This means if you want to get rid of your oil. You. The oil owner. Have to pay 37$. Like the good old days when you used to collect the Corona or Marstons…

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Money flow

A good Momentum Monday to get you thinking for a week ahead on the markets. Wheres the money flowing. Alot of tech leaders have already retested the lows, where to now?

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Cybeer fest

Last night we went to a virtual beer festival. You order the festival beer pack from Beer52 then they hosted a beer festival on YouTube live. The brewers would talk you through each beer, there was a pub quiz, comedians & live music. It worked really well. I think it helped playing YouTube on the…

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The virus that changed the Internet

“Stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, with movie theaters closed and no restaurants to dine in, Americans have been spending more of their lives online. But a New York Times analysis of internet usage in the United States from SimilarWeb and Apptopia, two online data providers, reveals that our behaviors shifted, sometimes starkly, as…

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