Walking around it seems as though everyone is consumed by things in, or on their ears. Every other person seems to have a pair of airpods in their ears (another killer product by Apple). And those who don’t, are often buried under some large headphones. The penetration of airpods is pretty amazing, I have never…

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Data Transfer Project

As part of the open-source Data Transfer Project Facebook is testing allowing you to transfer you photos stored on Facebook to Google Photos. “Four of the biggest technology companies are banding together to make it easier for users to download and transfer their data between services. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter formally announced The Data…

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Westhampton Long Island

Yesterday we put up our Chrsitmas tree, a bit early but with a busy December its the only time we could do it. We had to move various things about to make room for it, including this: In 2011 we flew to Boston, travelled around New Hampshire & Cape Cod slowly making our way to…

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With the shocking UK weather the past few weeks decided to go to the local Toptracer range. The tech is amazing check it out Here

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Dropbox to Sharepoint Online

I needed to do a Dropbox to Sharepoint migration & automatically went to my goto migration tool, Sharegate. I was suprised that Sharegate does not support this scenario (yet) so I went looking for another tool. On various forums I saw alot of people recommending the cloud migration service Mover.io. Unfortunately, I have not been…

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