Coronavirus AI

With everyone stuck at home, lots of people are doing good stuff. Our neighbour is spending her days making masks for the NHS on her sewing machine. We are getting supplies for high risk people when needed. Hermes Ribeiro Sant Anna has created a site where you upload an image of your kitchen, lounge or…

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Its a London thing

Seems London has plateaued at around 9 – 10% on the Citymapper Mobility index. Yesterday Last week A week ago we were at 10% Some of it will be related to the UK allowing daily exercise but 2.5 / 3 times seems alot.

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COBOL crisis

Well not quite. At college COBOL was the language we had to code our final project in. I developed a video rental system. The 90s were when video rental systems were relevant. Seems like some government agencies & banks are still running on COBOL 30 odd years later.

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Suprised these havn’t been around for years, looks like they will be here soon. Being brought to market by Apple means they should be seamless and will passively make their way in to peoples every day lives. “AirTags, essentially Apple’s Tile competitor, were already known to be in the works. Based on details and assets…

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Grand National 2020

Yesterday 4.8 million tuned into ITV to watch the Grand National. Like they do every year on the first Saturday in April. The difference this year, it was a virtual Grand National due to the lockdown. It was impressive. Executive producer Rob McLoughlin said: “We use the latest CGI technology and algorithms and were ready…

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Waiting for the right wave

The markets have been pretty crazy. With my day trading setup I am getting periods where I am getting overwhelmed by pre determined triggers going off to enter new trades. My main screen looks like this Then on my second screen I am running Koyfin Theres alot of data that needs constant filtering. I cant…

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US health weathermap

“The map shows you how much influenza-like illness above the normal expected levels we have detected since March 1. The time series chart allows you to compare Kinsa’s observations of the influenza-like illness level in the U.S., in orange and red, against where we’d expect them to be, in blue, and see how that relationship…

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Yesterday was the end of the 1st quarter of 2020. Brazil got battered, along with most other countries. China fared the best, -11.1%. Just a bad quarter.

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