My weekend review, dont anticipate I will be doing much until November. I went long $NVDA in the week on a break of the 200sma @ 2ATR & a couple of long $GLD positions still open. Less is more in the current environment.

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Sleep is the thing that every single person on the planet spends the most time doing. Humans weren’t designed to sleep in the same bed together, some people have been happily married for many years and sleep apart for this very reason. The business of sleep

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Broken process

Last week I attended a National Awareness Course (NSAC) for motorways after I got caught speeding on a smart motorway. In the class of about 20 people we all learn’t a lot about motorway driving, smart motorways, what to do in an emergency etc. One thing that stands out which I think everybody got wrong…

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Open sourced Tesla

“Automatic license plate reader cameras are controversial enough when law enforcement deploys them, given that they can create a panopticon of transit throughout a city. Now one hacker has found a way to put a sample of that power—for safety, he says, and for surveillance—into the hands of anyone with a Tesla and a few…

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In the last few weeks there have been shocking attacks on police officers, one officer died of their injuries, two others lucky to be alive. Surely its time for every officer to be armed with a taser, criminals are getting more brazen and seem to have little fear of any consequences of getting caught. Currently…

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Lenovo lock up

On Friday my Lenovo PC did a Windows 10 update. This morning my trusty Lenovo of 8 years hassle free computing wouldn’t get past the Lenovo splash screen. Panic started to set in! Realistically I could get everything I need to do via my Chromebook and VPS but I’ve got emotional attachment to this PC…

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