Following on from yesterday’s post, email I got this morning about the rapidly declining camera market.

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Mobile extremes

This morning on the early BBC news I caught the tail end of the technology presenter trying out the re launched Samsung Galaxy Fold, which goes on sale in South Korea today & in the UK on the 18th September. I was in the other room but from what I could hear, he was loving…

Read more Mobile extremes is a website monitoring AI use in the real world. The site lists over 600 examples of AI in action & ranks them by how well they work, for real. Rank classifications are: Crushing it Capable Getting there Check it out, theres some very cool stuff happening out there

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The Pac

Celebrity digital assets you can see being big business in years to come.

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Raspberry Pi 4

I bought the Official Raspberry Pi 4 desktop kit the other day. I haven’t had time to do anything with it yet apart from getting it connected to my home router. Looking forward to using it to try out some ideas I have been thinking about for a while.

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