Facebook foray into the cryptocurrency world is expected to be unveiled on Tuesday (18th June 2019). It is expected to be a stablecoin, meaning its value will be pegged against major currencies like USD or EUR, this will help reduce the wild swings that you see to today with Bitcoin, eurethem etc. The likes of…

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Advertisers are buying your mood based data, not that we should be surprised. Spotify pursues emotional surveillance for global profit

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How do you know when you are paying for something using Stripe? Something like the above, simplicity. I enter my card number, expiry date & CVC code, click once and payment is done, pretty frictionless. Making online purchases ‘frictonless’ is a big deal. Look at Amazon, they already have all your details so you can…

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Unbanked opportunity

“With Citibank as a guide, Digital Wallets could generate tens of billion dollars in market cap by offering basic checking account services profitably to the unbanked.” “Enabled by low customer acquisition costs, Digital Wallets should be able to serve the unbanked. With 15 million monthly active users Square’s (SQ) Cash App already is leading the…

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