Slack filed for its IPO yesterday. Currently losing around 140 million but you can’t value these companies using traditional valuation methods.

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I had a dental appointment today for a check up. Whilst sat in the chair I thought why did I have to travel here? Why am I sat in a dental chair? Why has it just cost me £40 for 3 minutes effort? Surely a combination of my iPhone & cognitive services I can do…

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Tesla’s Autonomy Investor Day

Yesterday Tesla held an autonomy investor day. Elon Musk made some bold statements which will divide opinion as Tesla & Elon love to do. Some of the predictions: Every Tesla will be fitted with a new autonomous chip which will make autonomous driving available for all By mid 2020 autonomous driving will mean Tesla drivers…

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Everyone wants to get high

Henry Ford had a dream of a hemp powered automobile, this may become a reality as hemp has properties that make it an attractive raw material that could be used to produce biodiesel (diesel fuel made from renewable plant sources). The cannabis market is expected to reach $32B by 2022 (currently its around 10). Cannabis…

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No cash

This morning at the golf club there were these signs everywhere. The golf club have stopped accepting cash for anything. Apparently a spate of robberies and staff getting threatened made them go cashless. The amount of times a homeless person has asked me for some change and I reach into my pocket and realise I…

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