Office chair

Been looking at getting an office chair for a while. Currently using a dining table chair. Which for 10 – 12 hours a day is probably not the best. Over the time I’ve been looking. Feels like prices are increasing. Home working. Supply demand. On the John Lewis site above the pay with PayPal credit…

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Weed for all

One in three Americans now live in a state where you can legally buy weed. “Some 16 million Americans were added to the list of places that allow adults to use marijuana legally, after voters in New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota and Montana on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved ballot measures on weed. They will join about…

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Just recieved this email re a holding in my SIPP You gotta love the old world. Actually speechless. If you think you need to protect people. Limit asset allocation per portfolio. Wake up. Its 2020. “Lack of legitimate investment need for private consumers to invest in these products”   Let see how this ages.

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