Sharepoint Online & modern search

In classic Sharepoint we have the ability to create very customised & tailored search experinces to address specific use cases.

In modern Sharepoint the search service is provided to us as-is from Microsoft.

If you are frustrated by this, good news maybe on the horzion as Bill Baer has just announced this at MS Ignite:

“New Microsoft Search innovation, allows you to make search your own, tailored to your unique needs and requirements. New APIs and customization options enable you to personalize your search experience, whether you’re designing a custom search portal or building your own custom applications on top of Microsoft Search.

A new Microsoft Graph search API (Public Preview) will allow you to customize, extend, and develop applications on top of Microsoft Search.

Later this year we will also deliver capabilities to set up custom verticals, add your own refiners, and use adaptive cards to create your own visualizations in the Microsoft Search result page in and SharePoint.

In addition to the capabilities Microsoft is adding, we know there are scenarios demanding even higher levels of customizations and flexibility. To cater to these scenarios we are bringing in capabilities so that you may redirect the suite bar search box to a page of your choosing, allowing you to process the query using SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web part via third party and open source web parts, such as the SharePoint Patterns and Practices Modern Search web parts (”

This is good news.

“In summary, we’ll provide flexible out of the box customizations to cover most needs, as well as give administrators and developers the ability to highly customize the experience using the SharePoint Framework.”

Read the full post here.


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