Broken process

Last week I attended a National Awareness Course (NSAC) for motorways after I got caught speeding on a smart motorway.

In the class of about 20 people we all learn’t a lot about motorway driving, smart motorways, what to do in an emergency etc.

One thing that stands out which I think everybody got wrong & most people who haven’t done the course will probably get wrong:

What should you do if you see or approach an accident happen on the motorway?

What you shouldn’t do is stop & try and assist.

You should continue your journey & dial 999 to call in the accident. The police do not want you stopping on the motorway in any circumstance, even if you yourself are ill, if you can safely, they want you to continue to the next junction or services.

We all came away having learn’t quite a lot, the problem?

We only got this knowledge by breaking the law, by speeding. If we hadn’t been speeding we would not have the knowledge we have now about driving on the motorway, safely.

The government need to team up with DVLA and insurance companies, each time you renew your tax or insurance you complete a online awareness course, and in turn receive a discount on your renewal fee.

So easy to do, would have a massive impact for little effort.

Did you know, the only legal use of a mobile phone whilst driving is making a 999 call?


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