The adoption game

Attended an Office 365 user adoption workshop at Microsoft today, hosted by the guys at Changing Social.

In my experience user adoption is very much an after thought in IT when rolling out a new system, or at least the first thing to get squeezed if budget and/or times tight. Where as it should be one of the top priorities.

The one exception that comes into my head is Burberry, where all IT projects had a dedicated user adoption resource manager from the outset. Obviously the amount of UA resource used would vary from project to project depending on needs, but it was never an after thought, it was always a forethought.

Todays workshop was Changing Socials first using a new board game they have developed in order to work through your user adoption plan based on the ADKAR model (awarenessdesireknowledgeability, reinforcement).

It’s a great format, very interactive and really gets everyone thinking out loud, working through their proposed adoption plans, and involves NO screen time!

All the best guys, based on today I think you have a bright future ahead.


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